Victorian Cocktails at Mr. Fogg's

24 Jun 2013 / 08:00 PM
We’ll be heading for Victorian cocktails at Mr. Fogg’s, the home of Jules Verne’s most famous adventurer. You will encounter all the wonders of an eighty day world trip without setting foot outside of Mayfair. Mr Fogg’s home is well hidden in an alley off Berkeley Square. The door, flanked by Victorian lanterns, is marked by a small plaque and you will be greeted by Mr. Fogg’s trusty valet Passepartout.

This journey starts on Monday the 24th of June 8pm, don’t be late we are on a tight schedule! Friends and colleagues are more than welcome to join. A sharing vessel will be waiting for the first to arrive.

You are allowed to bring guests.
Location: Mr. Fogg's
15 Bruton Lane
Postcode: W1J 6JD
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